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Business Insurance

We work with you to identify the risks you’re exposed to in your particular business and design an insurance programme to meet your needs cost effectively.

In life the one thing you can expect is the unexpected. Since your business is one of your most important assets it makes sense to insure it against a whole range of unexpected events – like fire, flood, theft, lawsuit and even the risk of losing key people through sickness or injury. Any of these can be disastrous for a business.

So are you prepared for the unexpected?

  • If you’re convinced it won’t happen to you, you’re probably unprepared.
  • If you, your business partner or a key employee become ill, injured or die, could your business continue?
  • How would your family meet the business debt obligations if you were to meet an untimely death?
  • In case of your business partner’s death or permanent disablement, would you have enough funds to buy his/her share of the business?

All these, and many other factors, go into designing an insurance programme that is most suitable for your business. If you want to protect your business from the unexpected and give, your family and your shareholders peace of mind, WE CAN HELP YOU

There are a range of business insurance products sourced from reputable insurance companies that meet your business’s specific requirements.

What we can do?

  • Understand your business and associated risks, and offer a range of solution that will work best to minimise these risks.
  • Liaise with all major insurance agencies/ organisations to ensure we can secure the best deal for your business.

Contact us for more information on a plan that will suit your business’ needs.

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