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Greenline Financial Solutions has been offering loans and insurance services to families and business for nearly 10 years.

Greenline Financial Solutions was established by Lalit Bajaj, a qualified and experienced professional in the field of finance with a finger on the pulse of the market. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, at all times, working with our clients to show how they can leverage their debt to achieve financial freedom while protecting against risks.

How arewe different?

Greenline Financial Solutions was set up with a vision of setting high industry standards and helping clients achieve their financial goals. That in itself, along with the process we follow, sets us apart from others in the industry. You can rely on us to:

  1. Listen, understand and help you articulate your goals and dreams.
  2. Provide objective solutions based on research and knowledge of the financial world. We work with all major lending institutions and insurers to deliver the right solution for you. Recognising that no two individuals are the same, we follow the PAA (Professional Advertisers Association) recommended six step process to understand your needs and provide tailor-made solutions.
  3. Add value to your life by saving you both time and money.
  4. Provide you the key to stay in control of your future, the key being knowledge.
  5. Offer best business practices, integrity and professionalism. We firmly believe that any successful relationship is built on trust, and these characteristics are the foundation to build that trust.

Why choose a broker?

To save money, time and get you the best deal possible to realise your financial goals.

Believe it or not, getting bad or no advice at the time of taking your loan can cost you thousands of dollars over the period of your loan. We have helped many of our clients to reduce many years from their mortgage term, and save thousands of dollars in interest.

Likewise when designing your insurance programme, personal or business<link to business loans>, we can help ensure you’re getting a solution that will meet your needs in the most cost effective manner.

Working with us generally does not cost you anything! We get paid by the lending institution or insurer whose products you choose as part of your financial solution.There may be some difficult cases which require a lot of work before submitting the deal to the lenders. We will quote a fee in such cases before we start the work and we will sign an agreement with you about the scope of service and fee payable.

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